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Tue 21 August 2018

My system's time was so wrong, that even ntpd didn't work

Hi, Time management is always hard. I mean, it's hard for ordinary people -- the internets are full of ebooks and tips on how to organize your time, and there are lots of books about the problem. It's also hard for programmers -- you need to take into account different timezones, those … read more
Sun 05 July 2015

Block encryption in OpenBSD

OpenBSD's block encryption is slightly different than on Linux or FreeBSD. Linux uses dm-crypt or LUKS, FreeBSD uses geli or gbde. On OpenBSD 5.7 the user can utilise softraid0 driver to acquire the same thing. Please note that you could also use vnconfig's internal encryption (Blowfish), but on … read more
Sun 09 November 2014

Usage of encrypted file containers

Lots of modern systems (Linux, BSDs) support encryption of block devices, or file containers, in a similar way that TrueCrypt does it. It is basically (more or less) a built-in TrueCrypt that gives you the possibility to build a secure medium and store your sensitive files inside. Device-mapper There is … read more
Mon 08 September 2014

Fixing ugly Java fonts

Today I got an e-mail from Jetbrains about the release of their new Integrated Development Environment called CLion ("SeaLion"). Being a curious creature I decided to check it out by using the Early Access Program which is open to public. After running the IDE, my biggest problem was the font … read more
Sat 19 January 2013

Accessing libvirt's virtual machines from a script

Everyone who has ever used the libvirt library probably knows that it's impossible to use it from scripts without previous authorization in the polkit daemon. This complicates things when the user would like to create a script to control some virtual machines. The script that is probably configured to be … read more