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Sun 05 July 2015

Block encryption in OpenBSD

OpenBSD's block encryption is slightly different than on Linux or FreeBSD. Linux uses dm-crypt or LUKS, FreeBSD uses geli or gbde. On OpenBSD 5.7 the user can utilise softraid0 driver to acquire the same thing. Please note that you could also use vnconfig's internal encryption (Blowfish), but on … read more
Sun 09 November 2014

Usage of encrypted file containers

Lots of modern systems (Linux, BSDs) support encryption of block devices, or file containers, in a similar way that TrueCrypt does it. It is basically (more or less) a built-in TrueCrypt that gives you the possibility to build a secure medium and store your sensitive files inside. Device-mapper There is … read more
Fri 25 July 2014

PKCS #7 certificate formatting issue in OpenSSL

Some time ago I was having a problem with an old software, that used digital signatures to validate its data files. The problem with the software was that it didn't fit in the new environment that was being built, and a replacement for the creation of these digital signatures was … read more