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Thu 22 November 2018

Bringing Visual Studio compiler into MSYS2 environment

Hi, Using Windows is a painful experience for a command-line oriented person like me. Unfortunately, Windows doesn't offer any decent command-line oriented environment, because well, it has different goals, and that's understandable. The problem is when one is forced to use Windows when it's clear that those goals are incompatible … read more
Thu 16 October 2014

Enabling globbing in a console Win32 application

"Globbing" can be also described as an act of expanding the filename wildcards supplied in the command-line of a console application. Let's suppose we have a small command-line application that performs some operation on files supplied as arguments in the command-line. #include #include int main(int argc, char … read more
Sat 12 July 2014

Emitting an event through an existing ETW provider

Let's assume a simple scenario. I have an application that uses native plugins. I have my own binary format for these plugins. Each plugin is loaded at runtime, using a method similar to mapping a DLL into the process' space. This means, each plugin has its own ImageBase, sections like … read more
Wed 02 July 2014

Control over symbol exports in MinGW linker

Below is an example on how to include, or exclude a symbol from the list of exported symbols in a DLL file. To test it out, we need to compile our object files first: C:\> g++ -O0 -gdwarf-4 dll\dllmain.cpp -c -o dllmain.o Linking is done by the … read more