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Wed, 19 January 2022

Sometimes I also write mobile apps. It's a good exercise, and allows to be more familiar in today's fastest growing market. Since their distribution is very easy (much easier than distribution of traditional desktop software), I'll present those apps here.

Bathory Calculator

This is a helper calculator app for the online game called Forge of Empires.

The game itself has a hidden mechanic that has appeared organically, invented by the players themselves. The game allows to build special kinds of buildings called Great Buildings. There is one special Great Building called "The Arc", which allows the player to get an investment return after investing the game currency ("Forge Points") in various places. Because there is a return of the investment, players can earn the in-game currency, providing they know how much FPs to invest. This mechanic is called "1.9".

If a player participates in a 1.9 thread, it means that the player is a part of a group of people who actively find investing opportunities in each other's Great Buildings.

The Bathory Calculator app helps the players with calculation of investment opportunities. It can help if you're the one who wants to invest in other Great Buildings, or you're the one that gives this opportunity to others. It also can help if you want to issue a "rogue investment" -- meaning, to earn the currency at the cost of others. This last move is also called "sniping".

The app can also help you to defend against snipers. It has a special "block" calculation mode which will help you with that.

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MyCafe Calculator

This is a helper calulator app for an online game called MyCafe: Recipes and Stories.

This visually attractive game allows the players to form guilds, called townships. Each township has a manager, or township owner, who manages the players who want to be a part of a township. The game periodically organizes events called "festivals". During each event, a performance of each township is calculated based on the number of completed tasks done by members of a township. The higher the performance, the more reward is being distributed by the game.

The game rewards townships, not players directly. The action of redistribution of rewards depends on the township manager. It's the manager's choice how the rewards are distributed.

The MyCafe Calculator app helps township managers to redistribute rewards by using a few distribution methods, called "tropies only", "50/50" and "25/75". There is no better or worse distribution method; it depends on the social contract between the township manager and the players.

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CraftBox: 7 Days to Die

This is a helper app for an game called 7 Days to Die.

This is a survival game that has a pretty popular PVE (player-vs-environment) gameplay model. In this model, the point of the game is to find a way to defend yourself against hordes of zombies that want to eat you alive.

In order to do that, the player gathers resources, which allows the player to craft more and more complicated items, buildings, weapons, increasing player's defense against zombies. Because there are lots of items in the game, I've decided to extract item recipes from the game itself and present those recipes in a easy to use way inside a mobile app.

So this is all this app is -- a list of recipies for most of the items from the game. It contains a search function to quickly look up an item which the player is interested in.

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